Hard at work!

Natalia WilsonComment

Seriously, you guys are amazing! A couple of you have found little bugs in the webpage I had not yet caught, and you have emailed me and let me know kindly, and that means a lot to me, so thank you!! You've also asked me to add ring sizes, and I am doing that, and should have a bunch of new sizes up this evening. The reason I did not list all of the sizes I planned to have available at once is that I want to be sure I am ready to fulfill any order that comes through in a timely manner, and for me that means having the model ready to put into production. I love the requests, it lets me know what your priorities are, and I can work in that direction.

I am thrilled by the response to the gauge rings! I never expected so many orders in the first few days! I am working as fast as I can, and I do not want to let a single one of you down. That means right now the wait for ring orders is now 2-3 weeks. This will go back down to 2 weeks once I have all of my initial castings on my bench. I work with a caster who has to cast and mold each of the original rings, and then make more castings from each of the molds. (This is why I did not list all the sizes at once, each has to be made and molded first.) This is the part that slows me down; I am not their only customer, so if they have a lot of pieces to make, it might take me an extra day or two to get my castings so I can finish them for you. On the bright side, by supporting me with your sales, we are supporting a small independent jewelry caster right here in Chicago as well.  I don't like keeping secrets, and I want to share how this works, so there are no unhappy surprises. The good thing is you get a carefully hand-made ring when I am done.

I am always open to your concerns, questions, suggestions, and so many kind words. Thanks to each and everyone of you who have ordered, or have come by my website to see what this is all about.