Metric lovers, rejoice! Your new ring is (almost) here!

gauge ringsNatalia WilsonComment

You asked, and I listened, the tiny (sock) gauge ring is now available for pre-order in metric!

What do I mean by pre-order? I am making the original models as we speak, so you can order them, and I will make your size when you order it, but it will take a little longer since I will also be making the molds as I go. Normally I take 2-3 weeks to get orders out since I make the rings to order, which I like, since it means I can take your requests into account when I make them. If I kept a large stock, I could only sell you the sizes I had on hand. So, by extra time, I really only mean an extra week unless I get a rush of orders, in which case I would of course contact you with a new time estimate. So, really, it's business as usually, just my way of letting you know it is going to be a little slow going as I build my molds. So, order with confidence, and I am always an email away if you have any questions.