Our 1st Birthday!

Natalia WilsonComment is one year old! It's been a busy year of making, learning, and upgrading, and still always learning, but here we are! Thanks to your wonderful support I've been able to buy better, more ergonomic equipment, and because of your feedback I have been able to continuously improve the gauge rings with little tweeks along the way. 

That ring in the picture is also celebrating its first birthday. When I launched the site, and started getting orders, I was working on this ring, but it was not perfect enough to ship out in my opinion, but still very nice, so I adopted it. I also decided to wear it every day to see how well it holds up to someone who is pretty rough on her hands. I have taken down a tree with a chain saw while wearing this ring. I've moved heavy furniture and tools, and hammered away at rings on a mandrel, all while wearing it. After a year of use and abuse, I am pleased to say it is still solid and round. The gauge is still true, and I do use it to measure some of my vintage crochet hooks. So far, so good!

Finally, a birthday is not complete without a present! Between March 5- March 12, 2016 you can take 10% of any order on the website! Just use the discount code BDAY2016 at checkout!