Away from the things of man...

Natalia WilsonComment

Can you ever really get away from the things of man? (Anyone recognize that quote? It's from my all time favorite movie, Joe Vs. the Volcano.) Anyway, I am packing up a whole bunch of man and woman made comforts, and hauling them into the woods for a few days for a much needed break with my family. Of course I am taking my knit and crochet projects! No trip is complete without them. So, yeah, I am taking a break from making things by going to the woods and making things. It's what I do. 

If you've placed any orders, even today, they are already on my bench and I've gotten started on them, so they should not be delayed. Any orders placed after noon today (5-23-16) will be put on hold until I get back, but feel free to keep shopping! I will be ready to get right back to work when I get back, so the delay will be less than a week unless you guys go on a shopping spree (please feel free to do so), in which case it might be a few days more. I promise to keep you posted when I get back.