The Goldilocks Ring...

gauge ringsNatalia Wilson1 Comment

... or The Snowflake.

Sometimes you just have to be silly, or sillier than usual, as the case may be. A conversation can spark an idea for a ring that is just too good to let go of, and before you know it, you have this:

When you only need that just right needle, the US size 8.

When you only need that just right needle, the US size 8.

It turns out that many of us have strong feelings about the US size 8 knitting needle. It is the Goldilocks of needles; it is just right. My friend, Shannon, commented that if she had a gauge ring it would only need one size, size US 8. I found it so comical, that I felt compelled to make it. This is just a sneak preview of the ring in its 3D rendered form (in other words, it does not physically exist yet.) Right now I am only making a couple of them, but if you have a great love the US 8, and would buy this ring, leave a comment either here on the blog, or on the Facebook post that will accompany this, and if there is enough interest, I will start making them to order. 

And in case you are wondering, that is a size 8 ring, with 8 holes in US 8. We all need a silly distraction sometimes. Thanks, Shannon.