Time to tinker and explore

Natalia WilsonComment

As some of you might know from my infrequent blogging, I have been hinting at working on some new designs, and they have been hiding in the corners of my work bench, waiting for their turn on the bench pin. As luck would have it, you, my friends, have been keeping me quite busy, for which I am very, very grateful! But, it also means that between chasing two kids on summer break, preparing to visit my family in Colombia, and making your rings, both gauges and custom orders, I have been neglecting those new designs.



Not to mention, I have not touched this website in any meaningful way since I launched it last March. I am pretty sure in internet time that makes it somewhat pre-historic. Yikes!

So, I am taking a brief hiatus. Wait, wait, don't panic (are you? not really, right?) The store will remain open, and you can place orders. This puts your order in the queue, so you are first in line when I start production again in about a month or so. See, a brief hiatus. Just enough time to work on some new designs, and visit my extended family for a couple of weeks (and if I happen to score some emeralds, well...)

I want to take new pictures, make the website easier to navigate, but mostly make new jewelry with the new tools you have made it possible for me to buy. You guys made this possible! That number 8 ring? You guys! You inspire me, you give me feedback, you sometimes send me amazing messages, and you support my work and make it possible for me to do and try more. So, I am going to try to make the most of this time, and I will stay in touch.

I will fulfill any orders placed this week on time. Any orders placed after Friday, July 22 at 11:59pm Chicago time will go into the queue. Thank you for your understanding and support.