Natalia WilsonComment

Boy, after a flurry of blog posts (more than one a month, I know, my flurry is not your flurry) things got really quiet around here. But, I have been busy on the back end, believe me. With the pesky stuff. Moving things. Clearing things out of corners where they accumulate over the years. Moving more things, and making sure orders get fulfilled, and moving a few more things until the real moving begins in the physical and digital realms.

For ages I have been wanting to dust off this website and make it look shiny and new, but I finally came to the conclusion a couple of months ago that I think it is time to move to a new website all together. At the same time I am in the process of moving my studio from the second floor to the basement, hence all the cleaning and moving of physical things. (12 boxes of boxes lighter, whee!) So, you can probably expect a bit more silence on my end unless it is to post some sad picture of me surrounded by up-ended furniture in the near future. 

As for the digital move, I hope to make that as seamless as possible. The domain will remain the same, as will my email address, so no need to look elsewhere. Prices will be going up a bit on the gauge rings as some of my costs have just jumped (not the digital ones incidentally, although those might go up a bit, but I do think I will be getting more bang for my buck as they say) so if you have been planning on buying a ring, but waiting for the right time, this is a pretty good one. Consider the next 2-3 weeks a pre-moving sale. Once I am ready to turn off the lights on this page, I will let everyone know. Wish me luck!