Moving time!

Natalia WilsonComment

I have put this off as long as I could. Not on purpose. I think. There was always something to do, a show to prepare for, orders to fulfill (thank goodness, and let's hope that remains the case), holidays, etc. But, there comes a point when you just have to stop and say either I do this or I don't and it needs to happen, and what needs to happen is I need to move my studio. Whoa! It is not as major a move as it sounds, I am moving from a second floor to a basement, so, no moving trucks, or anything like that. And, the good thing about moving (I keep telling myself) is that it is a chance to organize and get rid of stuff, and make those improvements I had intended to make, but hadn't gotten around to. Sigh. But there is also the disruption to my work, and well, moving furniture downstairs is not fun.

See you soon, tools.

See you soon, tools.

So, what does this mean for orders? It means a few things. For one, my physical studio is not the only thing that is moving. I am also moving the web-store (the url will remain the same, so no worries, you can always find me at So, here is what will happen: while I move my studio, this website will stay up, and you can keep placing orders, but instead of 2-3 weeks to fulfill orders, they will take 4-6 weeks until further notice starting tomorrow (any orders already placed will still get done in the original time-frame, I wouldn't go and surprise you like that.) I really hope to be done sooner than that, but I want to give you a fair estimate on how long it might take for you to get your hand-made goods. Once my studio is in place, I will announce it here and send out a newsletter, and then transition to the new web-store.

You might ask, "why would I want to wait so long for an order?" Well, between you and me, my costs have been going up. So, guess what? Jewelry prices will have to reflect that, and they will when the new web-site opens. So, you might consider everything here on sale. 

Wish me luck on this move, I am slightly angsty over it, but I am sure once I am all settled in, and everything is in place, it will be nice to work in a freshly organized space.