Quick updates

Natalia WilsonComment

Hello my friends! The move to the new studio space has been a success! Sure, there are still some odds and ends to take care of, but all in all, I am mostly back to work, and my space is very comfortable. Here is a peek, not a good picture yes, but well, here:

Goodness, my friend Lauren is right! I am a maximalist.

Goodness, my friend Lauren is right! I am a maximalist.

The changes to the new website are also coming along, but slowly, because life (which includes the challenges of living in an old house, and doing your own appliance repair, summer break and kids having birthdays, my head...) gets in the way sometimes, but it is what it is, and I am trying to do my best with it. 

But, most importantly, I am going on a vacation with the family, so I will be away from my shiny new studio for 10 days! As always, if you feel inclined to order from the shop while I am away, it will be in the queue, and I will get to it in order when I get back on the 14th of August. Until then I am fulfilling my existing orders, but not starting on any new ones that come in as of today. I appreciate your understanding.

I hope to have pictures and news for you very soon, but until then, it is back to work until I hit the road. Ciao!