An Interview!

Natalia WilsonComment

Hey there friends! It's September, and I am finally getting back into my routine. The kids are back in school, and my work day is once again predictable. And, being the month before Rhinebeck, and I getting super busy making jewelry to bring to the Cooperative Press booth.

But, the really exciting news I bring you today is that last month I got to meet the very cool, Kristy Glass. Kristy came to Chicago for the annual Yarn Crawl, and some lovely person suggested that she interview me (thank you!). If you are not familiar with Kristy Glass, she has a wonderful Podcast called Kristy Glass Knits, and today she added the interview she did with me! *squee*

Kristy was an absolute delight, and I hope you enjoy the Podcast, and this behind the scenes look at Malojos (and YarnCon!). Thanks, Kristy!