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Worsted Weight Metric Knitting Needle Gauge Ring 2.0

This sterling silver ring is not only attractive, it is a fully functional knitting needle gauge! This ring will measure your knitting needles in metric sizes 3.75mm-6.5mm, (US sizes, 5-10.5), perfect for those who prefer to knit worsted weights on up.

The ring is 10mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Due to the width of the ring, the smallest size I am offering them in is size 7.

This listing is for the current Worsted Weight Metric Knitting Needle Gauge ring that is being phased out. The new design will be very similar, with a couple of changes (width, and font.) Once these sell out, they are gone for good. I cannot make custom changes to these rings. 

If you are interested in the Worsted Weight Ring in US sizes, click here.

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