A (free) little something for the holidays

Natalia Wilson | 20 November, 2017

            A (free) little something for the holidays

Everyone says it about some month or another, but for me it's November. How does it go by so quickly? I spent so much time getting ready for October, and I feel like November is flying past me at an unreasonable rate of speed. 

Already this week we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, and after that the holiday frenzy begins in earnest. What's a person to do? One great thing you can do as you prepare to buy holiday gifts is to buy them from small business, like this one! And I can do something for you to make it a little nicer. Free Shipping! Yeay!

Just use the code shipme from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to get free shipping on your entire order. 

Also, Dec 2 is your last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery in the Continental US. For Canada and the rest of the world it is Nov. 24.



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