Love in the Time of COVID-19

Natalia Wilson | 17 March, 2020

            Love in the Time of COVID-19

What can I tell you, a little magical realism might be just the thing right now.

How are all of you faring in our new normal/totally not normal? My family and I are feeling healthy, and we are all at home together for the foreseeable future. The schools here in Illinois are closed, and we expect them to remain closed for weeks, so this should be interesting. We are also in self-quarantine starting last night. I was at the post office, and the line was long, people were crowded, and there was a person behind me audibly having trouble breathing, and dry coughing. Do I know her diagnosis? Of course not, and how could we since getting tested is still not a given. But, I want to be sure I am not spreading anything, so we have decided this is what we will do. 

What does this mean for jewelry orders? It means they will be slowed down, but I still don't have a good handle on for how long. I am thinking orders will be delayed by as much as an extra two weeks, but maybe less, or maybe more. It's our first pandemic, so we are all figuring this out. Right now, I can get some castings shipped to me, while my caster is still open (I don't have casting facilities in my small studio, so I go to a colleague on Jeweler's Row to do my casting.) So, that adds some time. And I will have to see if the Post Office will be picking up packages, and what the time table on that will be. So, everything as of this writing is uncertain.

I have reached out to everyone who has an outstanding order with me. If you are interested in placing an order, please be aware that I don't know how long it will take yet, but I will work on them in the order they are received, and will keep everyone up to date on how this is going.

These are trying times, friends. Let's watch out for each other, keep a safe distance, and support our small businesses. 

Safe-T-Rex says play it safe. Safe-T-Rex says play it safe!

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