Red Flags

Natalia Wilson | 20 July, 2020

            Red Flags

Hi friends, this is not a fun blog post to write, but I have had to add a new policy to the fine print, and I wanted to be sure to point it out. Sadly, I have been seeing sales come through marked with a red flag for potential fraud. Not fun! I tend to trust my customers, so in the first case, I contacted the customer, thought we had resolved the issue, and I went forward with the sale, only to be burned in the end. Now I am seeing new sales come through with that red flag, and I obviously feeling less trusting.

From now on, any time I see that fraud flag waving, I will contact the customer and see if we can clear it up to my satisfaction, and that of the card processor. If not, I will be cancelling and refunding the sale. I do realize that there might be instances in which a legitimate sale will be cancelled, and I feel terrible about it. But, I am too small to absorb these losses.

Thankfully, this is not a common issue, and I hope it is not a new trend. I am grateful to all the wonderful customers I have had so far, I am sure you are all in the majority here, and I thank you.

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