I Heart New York

Natalia Wilson | 24 January, 2018

            I Heart New York

I have been trying to find time to write about my amazing experience in New York City for Vogue Knitting Live, but every time I sit down in front of the computer, by the time I am done answering emails, and placing orders to restock depleted supplies I have either forgotten or run out of time.  Most of the supplies have been ordered (haha, I just stopped writing this post so I could order another thing I just remembered!), ring orders are underway, and emails have been answered. 

Times Square NYC

Times Square! Bright as day, even at night! A tourist trap to be sure, but talk about energy! I'm not sure I would love working in Times Square all the time, but I enjoyed my visit, and I thought it was a great location for Vogue Live. I stayed a few blocks away, right on the edge of Times Square, so it wasn't as intense. Just right. I am a city person, and I love the energy of a big city, so I had a lot of fun riding the subway and exploring the day before the show. And what did I do the day before a major knitting and crochet show? Go to a yarn store, of course!

Purl Soho Entrance

Purl Soho

I knew I wanted to see Purl Soho in person, but I had no idea how lovely it would be. The yarn and fabric they carry are beautiful, and I was swooning over the embroidery patterns and the floss! It was well worth the trip. And given how busy I would end up being the next few days, this would be the last chance to leisurely look at yarn I would get this trip. If you find yourself in New York City, take the time to visit Purl Soho, it is well worth the trip.

I spent the rest of the day running errands (taking the subway, like a boss), and visiting family in Brooklyn. 

Friday through Sunday were all about Vogue. Setting up, working the booth, meeting so many amazing people, working, working, working, until Sunday at 4pm when we all scurried to pack.

I tried to come in early each day so I could look around, and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw me post some of those pictures all weekend long. In fact, that was how I did the bit of shopping of Vogue that I managed, in the morning before the show opened, from other early to arrive vendors. A little more was done here and there during the day when I had help at the booth (thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, and the great Chiagu helpers).


another universe more fiber


I wish I could have taken more pictures of all the displays! But, my cell phone, which acts as my camera is also my point of sale system, so I had to leave it at the booth whenever I did leave. Fiber festivals are like their own worlds for their duration. You walk in and you can smell the wool in the air. People fondle the yarn, and hold it to their faces and breathe it in. They compliment each other on their handiwork. They get to meet people whose work has inspired them for years, or who they have only talked to online (I have my own story about this, in a moment). Each fiber festival is different, some, like Vogue, are very focused on the fashion and workshops, as well as the yarn. Others are more driven by the yarns and fibers, or even the animals and plants that produce the fiber. The show I co-organize, YarnCon, is more yarn and fiber driven, although we always have workshops as well. If you have the opportunity, visit your local, or not so local fiber fest. They are great experiences. 

My story! Our little booth was hopping all weekend between Chiagu and Malojos. When I realized that Amy Detjen was there that weekend, I wrote to her since she has been a wonderful supporter, and we have wanted to meet in person. On Sunday, I was beyond thrilled when she came to see me! And she was every bit as sweet in person as she had been online. And look who she brought with her?

Why yes, that is in fact Meg Swansen. Also, absolutely delightful! How amazing is that? But, I feel like the whole day was like that. I got to talk to Talitha Kuomi for a few minutes, I met sweater-place guy, Sam Barsky, designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian, and I was neighbors with Carol Sulcoski. Plus all the interesting people who came by whose names I did not know, but who I enjoyed talking to and learning about. I don't think I slept all weekend in part because my mind was buzzing from all the information and colors and patterns and sights, it was so much!

For me it was a complete success. I did very well, and although I saw very little of the show, I had a wonderful time anyway. But now I have work twice as hard to build up my stock in time for Vogue Knitting Live Chicago!! 

Mark your calendars! Vogue is coming back to Chicago, and it will be here March 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago. I hope to see you there!


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