Shipping in the time of Corona

Natalia Wilson | 07 May, 2020

            Shipping in the time of Corona

Hey friends,

First of all, yes, I am a big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, how did you guess?

Back to the subject at hand: Shipping. I am still shipping packages, and making one trip to the post office a week, so please be patient. I am also not adding Signature Confirmation, unless you ask for it, in order to help reduce the amount of physical proximity involved in getting your package. 

My supply chain woes have improved, but have made one thing clear: I will often need more time get jobs done. I can still get jewelry cast, but I can't go to the casting studio, so I ship my models to them, and they ship my castings to me. It means a little more time and expense, but it does mean I can keep going, and for that I am grateful.

Please be sure to read the return and exchange policy under "The Small Print." I get a lot of questions about exchanges, and I am happy to answer them, but chances are you can find the answer in the Small Print. 

I hope you are all well. I am doing the best I can, but it's been hard. I did finally get my new light box for taking product pictures, so I hope to start updating pictures soon. Here are a couple of the first pictures I have taken, they aren't bad for a first try.

18K Gold ring with handspun yarn in the background

That's my own handspun in the background.

Close up of 18K yellow gold knitting needle gauge ring

Taken with a macro lens.

Talk to you soon, friends, be well!

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