February Updates

Natalia Wilson | 22 February, 2024

            February Updates

Hi friends, thought I would pop in with an update from Malojos headquarters.

It's hard to believe it has been almost a month since Vogue Knitting Live in NYC, and I am just now finally catching up on those orders! One more package, and all orders that came in during the show will be fulfilled. 

Natalia, wearing a gray hand-knit top (the pattern is Rockefeller Center by Xandy Peters) is standing next to her booth at Vogue Knitting Live. You can see a small set of shelves with rings on display in front of a poster for Malojos Jewelry behind her.

Speaking of Vogue, it was another great show, and lovely to see new and familiar faces. I came home full of inspiration and new ideas, which is a great incentive to get caught up on orders so I can start setting aside time to work on new designs!

Natalia, dressed in a dark gray car coat, black pants and shoes, and black and white striped socks, is standing on a platform in Times Square with her arms outspread and a huge smile (or fear?) on her face.

Delighted or scared up this platform? Why not both?

My next show is, wait for it, YarnCon!! Why is this a big deal? Well, fun fact, I am a co-founder and co-organizer of YarnCon, and until this year I have opted to not have a booth at YarnCon so I can concentrate on running the show along with Sara. What changed is that long-time booth buddy at NYSW and MDSW, Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press suggested she and booth-babe extraordinaire, Lauren Vega, can handle covering for me, so I will be sharing a booth with Cooperative Press at YarnCon in Chicago on April 20-21, 2024.

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