Taking a short (I hope) break- Please Read

Natalia Wilson | 14 May, 2024

            Taking a short (I hope) break- Please Read

Hey everyone! What a fun, busy year it has been so far! Vogue Knitting in January, YarnCon (my first as a vendor!) in April, MDSW in May...

A view of the ballroom at YarnCon, April 2024

A row of Knitting Needle Gauge Rings at MDSW, May 2024

Yours truly outside at MDSW, and this absolute beauty in the barns.

...and foot surgery in June! Okay, stuff so far was good, my summer plans leave something to be desired, like, I dunno, not have having foot surgery. On the bright side, maybe my right foot won't hurt so much after my bunionectomy and PT.

Let's straighten out that big toe!

What this means for the store is that I will be setting it up with in stock inventory only, and not taking orders for anything that isn't ready to ship. My hope is that I will be able to ship any orders that I can fulfill once a week until I am literally back up on both feet.

When and for how long? Surgery is mid-June, and I will have to stay off my right foot for 10 days, and then we shall see how things go once PT starts. 6-8 weeks at most, I hope. I will be sure to post updates once I have a sense of how long this will take.

I wanted to give everyone more notice, but I only just got the date set for surgery. So, the immediate reality is that I need to cut of orders for anything I have to make so I can get everything out in a timely manner before I go on my forced "break."

With all of that said, here is the current schedule: I will continue to take orders as usual until May 17 (Friday). That night I will switch the site over to only sell items already in stock until further notice. My estimated return to business as usual date is August 22, 2024. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions. 

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