Getting Ready For Vogue Knitting Live!

Natalia Wilson | 07 January, 2020

            Getting Ready For Vogue Knitting Live!

Things are intense at Malojos headquarters (a fancy name for my tiny studio)! Vogue Knitting Live NYC is just over a week away, and I still have a lot of jewelry to make. Lucky for me, I love my job, so it's all good!

I will be back in Booth 516 in the fifth floor showroom, and I will be with booth buddy, Chiagu, with their cute project bags, and beautiful Koigu kits and yarn. Be sure to stop by if you will be at the show.

Because I will be away almost a week for the show, any orders placed between now (January 7) and January 22 will be moving slowly, and possibly delayed. If we have already talked about an order, then don't worry, your job is going as planned.

Speaking of shows, I have a new one on the calendar this year, and I am so excited! I will be vending, with my other awesome booth pal, Cooperative Press, at Woollinn!! Malojos is going to Ireland in June! Who's coming?

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In the coming month, I am planning on writing a post all about how we wear our jewelry, especially rings, and how we can take better care of it depending now how we use our hands. Do you have stories about things that have happened to your rings? Lost a ring gardening? Smashed a ring in a door, but the ring saved your finger? (Totally happens, happened to my mom.) Bent up a ring you forgot you were wearing when you got the bright idea to just hit that stake with a rock? (Um, yeah, that last one was me. Good thing I can fix my own jewelry!) Send me your stories and questions, and I will include them in my research and writing on this topic. You can leave a comment on this post, or you can email me your tales,


What prompted this interest in how were wear our rings, and how we can do better? Let me show you in pictures.

Squashed ring just received in the maildenting on ring owned for 5 monthspolished ring, that has been restored after much damage

In the first two pictures you can see the ring I received in the mail (ok, not well, but you can see close up pictures at This ring had been purchased 5 months prior to its return. In the last picture is the repaired ring. Now, I am not sharing this to blame or shame the person who wore it. I saw a lot of damage like this when I worked as a bench jeweler, and I repaired a lot of damaged or worn out rings. Accidents happen, and sometimes we just don't know how different metals are going to hold up to how we use our hands. This is what I want to explore and talk about, in our next exciting(?) installment.

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