No. Sleep. Til. WOOL&FOLK and RHINEBECK!

Natalia Wilson | 04 October, 2022

            No. Sleep. Til. WOOL&FOLK and RHINEBECK!

I think that title makes it pretty clear that I will be at my bench any chance I get until I leave next week for Wool & Folk on October 14 in Kingston, NY, and then NYSW on October 15-16. Whew!

I am excited to be sharing booths with my pals at Cooperative Press! They will be in my booth at Wool & Folk, and I will be in their booth at Rhinebeck, in Building C.

Everything should be available in the web store again as far as Knitting Needle Gauge jewelry is concerned. If you see your size is sold out, please let me know so I can fix it. I think I got them all, but I know I had to go back and fix a couple of listings. 

I hope to see you in New York, for now, it's back making jewelry!


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