Report from Rhinebeck

Natalia Wilson | 01 November, 2018

            Report from Rhinebeck

Wow, October flew by in a flurry of preparing for Rhinebeck, getting to Rhinebeck, working hard and having fun at New York Sheep and Wool (you know, Rhinebeck), and having a wonderful trip home from Rhinebeck. Oh, and Halloween yesterday, Happy Halloween!


I have never made more rings for a show (and cuffs, necklaces, etc.) than I did for this one, and I am so glad I did.

My display

Don't let the small display fool you, I was putting out rings all weekend.

So many people came to see me, and buy jewelry, which is awesome! But, I really enjoy getting to meet some of you in person at shows, and it was such a delightful crowd. Some of you heard about me through Kristy Glass, who mentioned me in her Rhinebeck show guide on her Podcast. If you are not familiar with Kristy's Podcast, Kristy Glass Knits, I highly recommend it!* I don't have time to watch many Podcasts, but I really enjoy hers, so I binge on it once in a while when I have some quiet time to watch whatever I want. 

Selfie with Kristy Glass

Selfie with Kristy Glass

And, while I am on the subject of supportive people in our fiber community, I have to talk about Cooperative Press. Shannon Okey (Knitgrrl) is the mastermind behind Cooperative Press, a publisher for knitters, by knitters. And, that sensibility shows in every publication.

What makes Cooperative Press special, is that they publish books that other publishers overlook, because although they recognize them as good books, they don't think they can sell enough. Cooperative Press sees these books, and makes small runs of them, and then reprints as needed. And that means we can buy books that combine Dickens and patterns (What Would Madame Defarge Knit, how can you resist?), a book of cowls inspired by Twin Peaks, The Cowls Are Not What They Seem, and one of their latest titles is by Andi Smith (author of Big Foot Knits), Color Cables, and all about how to do color cables, and the gorgeous patterns using those cables.*

A few years back, I mentioned that I was looking forward to the day I could attend NYSW, and Shannon right away invited me to partner with her at Rhinebeck. We've done a couple of collaborations, I made special sweater clips (an idea I seriously need to revisit! Who wants sweater clips??) for one of her patterns a couple of years ago. And, I have modeled for some of her patterns.

Modeling Springbrook

Modeling Springbrook

Thanks to Shannon's invitation, I met a world of new knitters at Rhinebeck, and it opened up a lot of business opportunities for me, which I am forever grateful. I love this about our community, we help each other grow, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Myself, Andi Smith, and Shannon Okey

Myself, Andi Smith, and Shannon Okey

And, what about my weekend at Rhinebeck? It was glorious. I got to spend a long weekend with dear friends, eat all the cheese and bread, have a cream-puff the size of my head (not quite, but they are large, and delicious, and something I look forward to every year), see sheep and other vendors and designers I don't get to see very often, and meet new people. And bring home some goodies, of course!

How beautiful is Rhinebeck?

It doesn't get much prettier for a Fiber Fest.



Showing off my Rhinebeck Sweater (Rockefeller Center) with the Designer, Xandy Peters

Me, wearing Rockefeller Center, with the designer, Xandy Peters.

Cream puff!

My beloved Cream Puff (thanks, Andi!!)


Directions to my next show with Cooperative Press, MD Sheep and Wool!


Now, I have to buckle down and get ready to have enough rings and other jewelry ready for Vogue Knitting Live NYC! I am so excited to be going back again in January, I hope you will come by and see me if you are going to the show.


*These are totally unsolicited, and unpaid recommendations. I just really like and respect the work these women do.


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