Summer Updates

Natalia Wilson | 25 June, 2022

            A Knitting needle gauge ring with a faceted amethyst about to be set in a bezel.


For the next few days I will be updating the store to reflect the new Summer schedule. This means it might look down when you visit, but it will all be up to date soon.

This Summer the store will be running a little differently in order to allow me to take a month off of making jewelry while I recover from my upcoming hysterectomy. Instead of being able to order any size, I will be updating inventory to reflect what I have ready to ship. It will mean you might not find your size for the next few weeks. I am really sorry to have to do this, but I want to be able to recover without injury, and although jewelry is small, it can involve heavy tools and a lot of standing.

From today, 25 June 2022 through 22 August 2022 I will not be taking any custom orders (although you can absolutely contact me about starting a design, just know I can't start the metal work until late August), or making bespoke jewelry. If you size is out of stock, please come back in August. If you were hoping to give a gift, gift certificates* are a great option, and I am happy to mail you a ring sizer to go along with it.

I appreciate your patience and support. As much as a break is nice, that is longer than I want to be away from my bench. But, I am hoping I will be in much better shape going forward after my surgery. 

I will have other updates soon, and will be working on new ideas during my downtime. And feel free to email me with any questions you might have. If you are hoping to have custom work done, and you can wait for me to start the metal work in late August, please reach out to me. We can work on the design in the meantime.

(PS. New update for week of August 1: )


4 plastic dinosaurs gossiping with each other, standing on a jeweler's bench with unfinished silver knitting needle gauge rings in the foreground.

-Is this going to be a paid vacation? I hope she isn't going to furlough us.
-We get paid? 

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