Back on schedule

Natalia Wilson | 19 May, 2022

            Back on schedule

Hi everyone, I still feel like I just got back from Maryland Sheep and Wool, but it's been over a week already! 

It was cold and rainy, and just as delightful as I remember! Really! It's a wonderful, and very well run (kudos to the organizers!) fiber fest. Plus, fests are always more fun when you get to share a booth with friends; shout-out to Cooperative Press for hosting me, and being awesome. I definitely appreciated being able to model the pattern sample mitts (Clarksville Mitts) from the new book, Festival Knits, featuring yarn dyed by vendors at MDSW.

I didn't walk around as much as I would have liked, but I did make time to see some of the sheep, because of course!

Two black sheep rubbing their heads on each other.

Look at how cute they are!

I am working the orders that were waiting for me, and they should go out in a timely manner. I need to take pictures of the new cowl (and shawl) pins and list them, soon, I promise!

A cigar box open with a black velvet pad inside the box at the top of the picture, and with a knit swatch in shades of orange attached to the lid at the bottom of the image. In the box are 3 penannular shawl pins made in silver, and on the knit swatch are 3 small shawl pins that resemble a squashed "S" and have lapis lazuli and turquoise beads hanging from them.

Shawl Pins. Penannular on top, and the new cowl pins on the bottom.

Time off: I will be away from my studio, and mostly off-line from May 25 - June 1, 2022. Please expect any orders that come in before and during my absence will be delayed by a few days. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My email is

I'll be back with more updates soon! Until next time.

a row of lambs all facing the wall opposite the camera, having breakfast. A row of sheep butts.

Be back soon!

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