Upcoming events, and some updates

Natalia Wilson | 10 September, 2019

            The Amazing Cooperative Press Team

Hey Friends! Fall is here, or getting here, depending on where your "here" is, but either way, it's time to think about Fall shows, and where you can find me and my jewelry out in the wild.

I am so excited to announce that I will be at the first annual Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar!



It will take place on Friday, October 18, and you can find all the details at the link above. It is a small, but mighty show with a great selection of vendors, and I am really honored to be included in this group.

And then, New York State Sheep and Wool on Saturday and Sunday!! I am thrilled to again be a part of the Cooperative Press team, and they will be having me and my jewelry in their booth! I can't say enough good things about Cooperative Press, and I highly recommend you check them out either during Rhinebeck, or by clicking on the link above to their website. We will be in Booth 40, Building C, please come by and say hello, and check out all the great stuff we have to offer.

Cooperative Press and Malojos at Rhinebeck


Now, for some updates and things I would like to bring to your attention. I am giving the website a face lift, so things might seem different, but everything is still there, and it's all fully operational.

I also want to remind you of a couple of things that are buried in the "Small Print." First, please double check your shipping address. I never retype those, they get plucked right out of the order, as you typed it in, by the shipping app. I've had a handful of orders this Summer missing apartment or suite numbers, and some incomplete zip codes. Please take a moment to look those over before you submit the order, thanks!

Also, I am always happy to do exchanges. Even with a ring sizer, sometimes a ring does not fit as you might like. I want you to be happy with your new jewelry, so just send me an email at natalia@malojos.com and we will start that exchange. If the jewelry shows a lot of wear that I will need to polish out, I may need to charge you for that, but it shouldn't ever exceed 20%  of the original cost. So, try out your jewelry like a pair of shoes you ordered online, please. And thanks! 

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