No Sleep 'til Rhinebeck!

Natalia Wilson | 05 October, 2019

            No Sleep 'til Rhinebeck!

It's that time of year, the days become shorter (for us in the Northern Hemisphere), there is a crispness in the air (when it is not super hot and muggy), and we start getting nice days for a light sweater...

(If any of you had any doubts about my age, why yes, I am a Gen Xer.)

OK, all music references aside, it is definitely Rhinebeck Prep time! This means after today, all orders will be going out more slowly as I race to get enough inventory ready to sell at not just NY Sheep and Wool, but also at the first annual Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar! (More on that in a moment.)

Orders will take 3-4 weeks until I get back and update the shop. If you are in a hurry, please reach out to me, and I will see what I can do. In some cases I can still rush an order, but I can't make any promises.

OK, back to the shows!! The fun starts on Friday, October 18th at the Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar! This brand new show is open to everyone and has free admission, so please come to the Parish Hall in Rhinebeck and check it out. I am thrilled to be in such good company, and I had better learn to knit faster because if I step out of my booth, I am coming home with some yarn from these amazing folks. The Parish Hall is also a food pantry, so if you can bring some non-perishable food items, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

I am vending at the Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar!

On Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20, I will be at the amazing NY Sheep and Wool festival with Cooperative Press! I love working with Cooperative Press! Shannon and company have been publishing beautiful and inclusive patterns for a decade now, and will have some new books debuting that weekend by Andi Smith and Meg Roke (and possibly another, so come and see, since I can't keep up), and give them some love. I might have a little exclusive collaboration in the works that will only be available at the Cooperative Press booth, so be sure to visit us in Building C, booth 40 to see what's in store!

Trees in their autumn splendor at NY Sheep and Wool

Natalia losing her mind over a goat, like she does

Just a couple of pictures from NY Sheep and Wool, and yes, I will never get tired of that picture of me losing it over that sweet goat. (And you can get the pattern fo that sweater at the Cooperative Press Booth, just saying.)

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