Upcoming shows, and a break.

Natalia Wilson | 29 April, 2019

            Upcoming shows, and a break.

Hey there, it has been a while since I last posted. The last few months have been a whirlwind! Since I came home from Vogue Knitting Live in New York, I have been busy as always fulfilling orders, and I was also co-organizing YarnCon! We had a very successful year, and we are already excited about next year.

But, back to Malojos! I have 2 upcoming shows, one next weekend, which is Maryland Sheep and Wool! I am so excited to be part of Team Cooperative Press! I will be working with Shannon and Andi in the Cooperative Press booth in the Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC15. You can come and find amazing books, talk to the author of a couple of those books, Andi Smith (and buy her incredible project bags. They are the best!), and buy jewelry from yours truly. Plus, we are near the Sheep Dog Trials! That is so much fun. Plus, there will be dinosaurs. Just saying.

Andi's bags and Malojos jewelry at the Cooperative Press booth at MDSW


Mr. T-Rex at his spinning wheel with me geeking out.

In August, I will be a vendor at Stitches Midwest! This is my first time vending at Stitches, so I hope a lot of you will come out and see me.

I have an announcement: I will be taking 2 weeks off from May 13-27, 2019. The shop will remain open in case you want to get an order in for me to get to as soon as I get back to work. But, I will not be fulfilling any orders between May 13-27. I have been working non-stop on an injured elbow (it is getting better, but slowly), and I have been falling behind on all kinds of things that need my attention. Like accounting! Plumbing! Making new things! So, it does not look to be the most restful 2 weeks, but I plan to get some time off in there, too. I just really need a little break. The last couple of months have been rough, and I feel worn out. Thanks for understanding.

Another announcement: I know I hardly ever use it, but I have changed my mailing list software due to changes in Shopify. So, I will be sending out a letter soon, hopefully it is a smooth transition.

I hope to see you in Maryland or at Stitches! And as always I will be posting away on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/malojosjewelry/

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