Original Designs

Sometimes inspiration strikes, but these beauties defy grouping. They are individuals, just like you.
Penannular shawl pins
Penannular shawl pins $45.00 USD
Yarn Ball Pendant
Yarn Ball Pendant Sold Out
Craftivist cuff, 1/4"
Craftivist cuff, 1/4" from $35.00 USD
Yarn Ball Cufflinks
Yarn Ball Cufflinks $240.00 USD
Knit wire necklace Red/Garnet
Knit wire necklace Red/Garnet $90.00 USD
Sterling Silver and Copper shawl pin
Sterling Silver and Copper shawl pin $85.00 USD
Yarn Ball Tie Tack
Yarn Ball Tie Tack $120.00 USD
Silver Snakes Bracelet
Silver Snakes Bracelet $200.00 USD
Silver Snakes Choker Necklace
Silver Snakes Choker Necklace $325.00 USD