Back from an amazing week in NY

Natalia Wilson | 22 October, 2021

            Natalia smiling with a sheep nuzzling her hair

I am having a hard time describing how wonderful it was to be at shows in person again last week. I was nervous, not gonna lie. The organizers at both Wool & Folk, and NY Sheep and Wool did a fantastic job creating a safe (as possible) environment for all of us, and I am so grateful. Plus, I was missing my pals at Cooperative Press more than I can tell you.

Before I get to sharing some pictures, I want to update you on current orders. I have gotten them started today, and will do my best to get them out quickly. I got quite a few orders while I was gone (thank you, thank you!) but I will tackle them in order, and if I see that I will be taking longer than expected, I will email you with a time estimate. If you have an order with me, and have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (

Picture time! First is Wool & Folk. This was their first year, and they did a fantastic job, and I hope to go back next year. The venue, organization, vendors, and attendees were all wonderful. I might have come home with some yarn. (I totally came home with some yarn. Once I go through all the pictures, I can post those on Instagram. Do you follow me on Instagram? Because to be honest, I post there waaaaay more than I do over here.

A view of the Hutton Brick yard with vendor tents set up. A view of the Hudson River with a pair of sheep in the foreground.

Next is NY Sheep and Wool, also known simply as Rhinebeck. Even with less vendors, and limited attendance, it was still epic. And like a happy yarny reunion! 

SO excited to be setting up with Cooperative Press! My display in the Cooperative Press booth.

Building C beginning to fill up behind Natalia posing with her mask on. Natalia smiling while being nuzzled by a curly horned (not the technical term to be sure) sheep. Natalia with her arms up in the air showing of the sweater she finished that same morning at the NY Sheep and Wool festival.

That last picture is me looking delighted because I finished my sweater Sunday morning at Rhinebeck! 

I am tuckered out, and happy. And busy thanks to you!

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