Catching up, and hosting YarnCon

Natalia Wilson | 02 April, 2018

            Catching up, and hosting YarnCon

I never meant for so much time to pass before writing about Vogue Knitting LIVE Chicago, and what I have been up to. It has been a wild and busy month!

Vogue Knitting LIVE Chicago was a lot of fun! Chiagu and I partnered up again, and we had a beautiful double booth right across from the fashion runway, which meant we had a great view of all the fashion shows, and of the interviews conducted by Vogue Knitting Editor, Trisha Malcolm. Plus, it is always so much fun to meet people in person!

dino runway The Dinos also had a Kiogu Runway Show

Best seats in the house for Trisha Malcolm's interviews

And, I had a bit of added excitement! Vogue Knitting featured my gauge rings in the latest issue's Must Haves! Welcome to all of you who have found me through the magazine. For me, it is an absolute honor to be included in Vogue Knitting, and I like how busy it has been keeping me.

Seriously, I could not even with the excitement!

Speaking of busy, part of my silence over here is due to an event I co-host every year called YarnCon. I'm not joking when I say I am a jeweler who loves to knit. I love to knit so much that when my friend, Sara, approached me 11 years ago to start a fiber festival for small hand-dyers and hand-spinners, I jumped on it. It started as a one-day show in a park district fieldhouse auditorium with 25 vendors, and has grown to a two-day show with about 60 vendors, and classes all weekend. Our focus has remained on the independent artisan, and we are so proud of the work they do. YarnCon is this weekend, April 7-8 here in Chicago. So, if I am a bit quiet around here, that's why. But don't worry, I am still working on your orders. Life just requires a bit more coffee this time of year.


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