Just a little chaos, that's all.

Natalia Wilson | 13 November, 2019

            Just a little chaos, that's all.

I can hardly believe it has almost been a month since Rhinebeck. It has been a seriously hectic month around here.

The Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar, and NY State Sheep and Wool were both fantastic! I was really impressed by the enormous turnout for the the first Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar! I did not move out of my spot for the entire 4 hours, which means I missed seeing some amazing vendors, but it was a problem I was thrilled to have. Everyone was just lovely, the volunteers, the shoppers, the neighboring vendors, and let's not forget the organizers, Kristy Glass and Leah Stickle. A special shout out to Sara Ware (co-founder of YarnCon and awesome human) for being with me, I can't imagine not having had her help that day.

Natalia standing in front of her booth at the Rhinebeck Yarn BazaarMe, awkwardly posing next to my booth in my "My Boy Lollipop" sweater 

And of course the main event that draws us yarny people to Rhinebeck every October, the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival! I seriously love this festival, it is a yarn lovers holiday. And I get to spend it with Cooperative Press (Shannon Okey is an amazing woman to work with, I am lucky to get to be a part of the team)! I know that I sing the praises of Cooperative Press every year, and every year I really mean it. Click the link, and buy some great books for yourself and the yarny people in your life. 

Alison Taylor and Shannon Okey in the Cooperative Press BoothAlison and Shannon, Team Cooperative Press

One of the things I love most about fiber festival is seeing the friends that we only see in person at these events. Maybe we meet online, or at a show, and it's always a fun reunion. Sometimes it's getting to bring a good friend to share in the fun (and work, ha!) And sometimes it is missing the people you want to see there, so you (kind of) bring them anyway. And of course all the beautiful hand-made products, inspiration, raw materials, and sheep and goats! (and the cream puffs! yum!!) So much fun!

Sara Ware and Natalia Wilson (Team YarnCon) at NY Sheep and WoolTeam YarnCon (Sara and Natalia) at NY Sheep and Wool

Natalia giving "flat" Andi a kiss in her new hat
Natalia giving Andi Smith a kiss while wearing her new Buffalo Wool Co. Hat

Natalia having her hair eaten by a friendly goat, with Sara in the backgroundA goat enjoying Natalia's hair

cream puff in dessert display
I look forward to these cream puffs every year

(For pictures of all the selfies taken over the weekend, please check out my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/malojosjewelry/ )

The chaos began once I got back to Chicago, where the Chicago Public Schools were already almost a week into the teacher's strike (which ended up totaling 11 school days. Yeah.) This meant a lot of juggling work and home, and has made it hard to recover from the trip. Luckily, my kids are getting bigger, and were very helpful around the house during the strike. But, it did mean a shift in my routine, and also no quiet time after a whole lot of talking to people. But, we all survived, and I am slowly catching up. Add to that my birthday and Halloween, and wow, has it been busy!

Natalia being silly and drinking coffee at her workbenchOK, back to work, now I get ready for Vogue Knitting Live NYC!

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