The great outdoors!

Natalia Wilson | 22 May, 2018 | 2 Comments

            The great outdoors!

Sorry to have taken so long to update you about my wonderful trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool. As always, I love spending the weekend with Shannon Okey (Knitgrrl) of Cooperative Press, and Andi Smith, designer, author and bag-maker extraordinaire! We go there to work, but a big draw for me is spending time with these two amazing women. I always come home inspired to do more after being around them. We shared a booth in the lower corral, near the sheep-trials, which is a hoot!

If you have never watched sheep-herding trials, you really should. 

I also stumbled upon a sheep-shearing demonstration!

 It's not all sheep, there are also dinosaurs... Just kidding (not really), it was all about meeting new people, some I knew online, some I met for the first time. I sold a lot of jewelry, and have been getting a lot of orders (which is why I haven't been updating the blog, I have been trying to keep up!) which is fantastic, thank you!

But seriously, the dinosaurs! Last year the show was so wet, and we had a serious mud puddle in front of our booth. I surrounded it with bright dinosaurs in the hopes people would see them first, and not step in the puddle and possibly get hurt. This year the weather was more agreeable, but people came looking for the dinosaurs, and well, I was not about to disappoint anyone.

And my favorite!

It was great to see many of you in person, and get out of the studio for the weekend (and do a little stash enhancement. Like you do.) And thank you for giving me reasons to stay in the studio, I love what I do!

Speaking of being out of the studio, I will be out of town this holiday weekend. I don't think it will affect anyone's orders, but I will be slow to respond to messages, as I will be camping. Occasionally, a trip away from the studio should not be work related, right?

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29 January, 2019

Natalia Uribe Wilson

Dear Patti. yes I will! I will be with Cooperative Press, near the sheep dog trials. I will have booth info as the show approaches. Thanks for asking, I hope to see you there!

29 January, 2019


Will you be working there in 2019? I would love to see (and try on) your knitting needle gauge rings in person.

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